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What is OAS?

OAS’ mission is to improve the skill and effectiveness of medical experts, lawyers and insurance claims professionals who work in the field of personal injury litigation and thereby benefit medical practice, injured persons and society in general.

Presently, Objective Assessment Solutions (OAS) is engaged in training medical doctors and other medical professionals to become superior injury evaluators and expert witnesses who can skillfully assess damages and causation.  We currently do this through daylong seminar/workshops throughout the western states.   

But OAS is more.  Broadly and comprehensively, OAS’ educational, recruiting/training and consulting services benefit all of the stakeholders working in medicine and in personal injury litigation.  OAS has the higher purpose of benefiting and improving all parties involved: medical professionals, lawyers and insurance claims professionals, rather than just one in the absence of the others.

OAS helps:

1. Medical professionals by providing them with new skill sets and experience whereby they fairly and accurately evaluate injury causation and damages and testify as competent expert witnessesThis training and experience produces better clinical skills and practice outcomes from better diagnosis and treatment decision making. Finally, OAS training leads to skills that allow medical professionals to diversify their practice and create an alternative stream of revenue.

2. Insurance claims professionals by enabling them better to understand medical records and diagnostic testing results and to accurately evaluate the nature and extent of personal injury claims, reduces their indemnity expense and, as a result, lowers insurance premiums for the public at large.

3. Civil litigation, insurance defense attorneys by giving them a better grasp of medical practice, the various specialties and increased skill in selecting the best and most appropriate medical expert to assist them in evaluating and settling/litigating their cases.

4. Claimant/Plaintiff attorneys by enabling them, early on, to recognize cases without merit, to eliminate wasted expense in accepting non-viable cases and to avoid the lost time and cost of unnecessary litigation.

5. Claimants by ensuring that they receive fair, just and timely settlement compensation, regain their health and return to recreational and work activities sooner.

6. Society as a whole by reducing the expense of personal injury litigation and clearing the courts of unnecessary litigation, freeing the judicial system to handle more important matters.

OAS is the gold standard for personal injury education and training for medical professionals to become personal injury experts.  Its teaching faculty members, John L. Chase, MD and Douglas L. Field, Esq. are the foremost authorities in medical-legal practice education and skill training.

OAS’ activities are expected to result in casualty insurance carriers recognizing, endorsing and requiring OAS education and training for medical professionals to whom they refer medical legal matters. 

What is OAS?  In short, OAS is a company that does well by doing good.

Help OAS Help You.

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