Objective Assessment Solutions, LLC (OAS) is the leader in the Medical/Legal Education of physicians and other medical  practitioners to become competent experts in the assessment of injuries and in providing expert testimony in civil litigation/personal injury cases. Our focus is on education and training in determining legal causation of injury and compensable damages (monetary/economic loss, reasonable cost of current and future treatment, work/employment capacity, loss of wages, assessment of activities of daily living, etc.). We train medical professionals to write quality reports and to provide credible testimony in deposition and at trial. OAS’ medical and legal faculty ensures that doctors and other medical professionals are fully trained and competent in all medical and legal requirements of medical-legal practice.

OAS also has the experience and expertise to assist attorneys in the selection and management of the best qualified medical experts for their cases and to enable insurance professionals to most effectively assess the nature, value, extent and legitimacy of injury claims.   Moreover, we counsel and advise doctors as to how best to diversify their practices into medical legal work as a separate business that provides them with an alternative stream of income as well as how to use their skills to create additional  financial security. The education OAS provides is not included in medical school or post-graduate training. It allows doctors to become competent experts in legal matters as well as improving their ability to evaluate and represent their own patients, make more educated treatment decisions and enhance the outcome of clinical care.